Life-Changing Training: Raw Chef, Raw Pastry Chef, Raw Food Educator

Neatballs-with-Puttanesca-SauceLet me help you realize how easy it is for your inner chef to emerge and change lives! You will learn techniques and have fun during the learning process. Explore the endless possibilities of preparing raw food!

As a world-renowned master raw food chef and educator, I have trained raw chefs, raw food educators and raw pastry chefs locally, nationally, and internationally. I also teach raw classes for those beginning raw or want advanced classes. I was mentioned in Jordan Rubin’s book, and have been featured in local and national magazines.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you get tired of struggling to prepare raw food because you feel that raw food preparation is too complex?
  • Do you want quick and easy raw recipes that will satisfy any gourmand?
  • Do you want to create you own raw gourmet dishes?
  • Do you want to learn how to prepare raw food using the equipment you already own?
  • Do you want to make desserts that are superior to “cooked” desserts?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the lives of your family and friends by preparing exquisite raw food?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for you to get the training to become a preeminent raw chef, raw food educator, or raw pastry chef. With each of these designations, you will be certified.

Slice Apple Frangipane TartALL training, raw chef, raw food educator, raw pastry chef, raw food prep, and other classes are taught by me, Carolyn Akens, no exceptions. I keep my classes small so you will get one-on-one training and coaching from me. You will learn how to make luscious and scrumptious raw food and your family and friends will continually ask for seconds!

YOU will learn essential steps in raw food preparation utilizing precept upon precept:


  • Paring – pare means to peel. This small knife is used primarily for peeling.
  • Serrated – this knife is perfect for slicing softer foods. The serration moves through softer foods without tearing them.
  • Chef – perfect for chopping vegetables with its broad, tapered shape and fine edge.

The important qualities of a good knife is the length, weight, balance and handle grip.

Knife Cuts:

  • Chop – to cut into pieces of no specific shape
  • Dice – to cut into small uniform cubes
  • Mince – to cut food into very small pieces
  • Julienne (jue-lee-en or jewl-yen) – to cut food into very thin strips
  • Chiffonade (shihf-un-nahd) – to cut into strips of shreds
  • Bias – a slice that is cut at a 45° angle instead of perpendicular to the length of the vegetable
  • Concasser (kon-kass-ay) – similar to chop, this is to cut rough-shaped but even sized pieces
  • Emincer (ay-man-say) – to mince; also to slice thinly or cut into thin uniform strips
  • Slice – to cut into uniform slices

Flavor Balancing: sweet, salty, acid/sour, pungent/spicy, bitter, fats

Planning: soaking nuts, seeds, grains, and dried fruit; sprouts, salads, pates, vegetables, produce

Kitchen Essentials: Blender, food processor, knives, spirooli or saladacco

  • YOU will make delicious raw food that will tantalize the most discriminating palates and have them asking for more!
  • YOU will learn phenomenal skills from my years of experience as a culinary professional and become certified yourself.

Begin your culinary adventure by signing up for professional training today!

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