How to Clean Extremely Thick Grease from Kitchen Cabinets

Hello, everyone, some of you may have seen some of the renovation videos towards the beginning and see how unpleasant the kitchen cabinets and other things were on the project

We have tried tons of things to try to cut through probably 30 years of caked on cooking oil and fat and nothing has touched so far and I will reveal this product here shortly


but, just to go through the list, I tried:

  • Teaspoons of
  • Mineral essence
  • Vegetable oil
  • Purple Power
  • Simple green
  • Lacquer thinner

All sorts of things I had around the pose and nothing would touch things, I read a little on the internet and watched a lot of videos and these videos, they are not even dirty in my opinion.

There may be a light film or something like that but nothing like what you are about to see here and the example I am going to show you is not even the worst.

But I was cleaning my wife’s car the other day and I got out of my MeGuire’s Hot Wheel and tire cleaner and it’s a great product that works great for cleaning wheels and it says it’s safe on Clear coated wheels

MeGuire's Hot Wheel and tire

You May need:

They have different varieties of these, but this is the one I used, so I tested on the cabinet door and it starts eating right away, takes a little scraping and rubbing

But none of what we were before, so I’ll do a demonstration on this and this is a product that I found worked very well for us
now it does not seem to bother the finish on the cabinets we are dealing with, but, buyer beware, there are different cabinets, different finishes and things like that

So if you need something so aggressive to try to cut through the mud and grime, you know, try it in an indiscriminate place and see if it will disrupt the finish before you go thoroughly with it

Now this is a product that you should probably use gloves and whatnot, I’m not going to it, I’m not going to be there that long, and I’ve had a lot of chemicals on me throughout my life,

And I still don’t have a third limb, so at this point, let me show you what we’re doing and show you how it works.

Cleaning Thick Grease from Kitchen Cabinets – Let’s get started

Alright, here is a photo of one of the bottom of the cabinet doors where he likes to pick up a lot of garbage

And here’s a piece of garnish, you can see how tasty that is, that’s what we’re dealing with. as I said This is one of the best in the group, I usually start with the hardest things to clean

So I feel better when I get easier on many of them, you might not even see this profile here

dirty wood door

Here was the one who had a lot on it, so I’m going to go ahead and put it on, just like that, and kind of work a little bit with my finger
and I’ll soak this for a minute, but I don’t know if you can see it, it already breaks this stuff so fast just with my finger

So, I’ll come in here with a toothbrush and just a little scrub, and on heavier things, on heavier doors, kind of like that.

I would use one of those plastic-type scrapers or some kind of plastic and after that stuff starts to loosen that grease which is almost instant

plastic type

You can somehow get in and dig up sections of it somehow help him, you can see what I got there. I mean it’s disgusting I’m not gonna deny it

So just by doing a little bit here, it’s already more of that and if it’s really bad, you can come up with a small piece of fine abrasive powder, maybe like a steel wool

plastic type 2

But be careful if you try to preserve your cabinets, they will have a new coating, so I’m not too concerned about this
and I have no water here with me, but if you have a damp cloth, you probably want to wear gloves, things will slightly wrinkle your fingers rather well

And on some of these profiles, you need to get in and dig them with a spatula. so there is still a little

There I’m just trying to make quick and dirty just to show you how effective it can be, I mean you still have to work a bit, but nothing like that we met

and there you go, how about this:

cleaning work

Okay, I’ll make a quick shot on this cast here about half. As I said, I just put it on and just a little bit, let it start doing its thing, I hope you can see just from the squirt of that

quickshot on dirty wood

How it is to start breaking down and I will go ahead and do a little scraping to get a little bit of everything, this is an OG profile
so there are many nooks in it, you can see all this right there, everything is ready

the hard dirty wood

You know you might have to do it a couple of times, but just keep doing it and we’ll get it super clean,

rinse this stuff

I can say it’s still a little sticky, but it was just for the first time, to put a little more there

I’m gonna go ahead and hit him with super fine steel wool, try to get down into little crevices

just that fast

you want to rinse this stuff out as best you can

how is it for super fast and super easy,

here we go!

result of the wood cleaning


Okay, here’s a close-up of the door section I was working on, I just did it and dirty, but I hope you can see the difference
and the little effort I put in to get a marked appreciable difference, I need to dig a little more and maybe make another app and spend a little more time with it

result of the wood cleaning 2

This product works amazing

And here’s a quick shot from the trim piece, you can see how rude and nasty it is and in this short time without effort it turned into that, it again became reflective

And it didn’t seem to bother anything, a bit of finishing is on here, it’s not super thick anyway but it’s just an idea when you come across something so nasty

As I had noted before, most of the things I had seen people cleaning didn’t look like this

it’s in an investment property we bought and like I said, I don’t think it’s been cleaned since day one and the house is somewhere around 30 years old as a guess, so, just some information, do your homework, do some research.

You can check the MSDS on this product from MeGuire if you are curious about the ingredients or whatnot

I’m not going to tell them here but it’s just an idea on something you could try in a discreet place to see if you can get results as easily and quickly as we are

So I just thought I’d share this on something I found out I hope this helps someone in some way

thanks for your reading and good luck

Watch the full process:


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