Are Vegans Healthier Than Meat Eaters?

Many controversies have occurred around this issue. Is there an absolutely correct answer? Refer to the details in this article.

Hello health lovers, in the last post, I helped you answer the question of whether a vegan diet is healthy and its side effects on health. And the most controversial issue this week is: ‘Are vegans healthier than meat eaters? The answer is ‘Yes.’ Why?, scroll down to know why you should say goodbye to MEAT.


Which is healthier?


Why Should We Not Eat Meat?

There is no complete negation of the benefits of eating meat. Yet, people who consume a considerable amount of meat might face the following popular health problems:

Heart-related disease

Meat is considered the ‘No. One killer’ in developed countries.

A Harvard University study found that the average blood pressure of vegans was significantly lower than those who ate meat.

Besides, the level of cholesterol of the meat-eaters is many times higher than that of the vegetarian. It is the leading cause of atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction, and stroke.

Besides, the abundant saturated fat in meat creates an enormous strain on our cardiovascular system.

Today, meat contains more saturated fat than ever before due to modern breeding methods. This type of fat even causes Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and cognitive decline.


The reason for eating a lot of meat prone to disease is meat preservatives.

Meat is rich in protein which makes it quickly rotting. So many kinds of meat in the market now have been impregnated with chemicals such as nitrite or nitrate.

When the meat reaches consumers, we only washed, prepared and cooked. What poses the most crucial problem is that even if boiled, these substances are not decomposed.

As we eat these toxic substances, they combine with amino acids in our body to make nitrosamine a carcinogen.

Besides, when animals get sick and suffer from tumors, they were still slaughtered and sold to the market. Another point that is worth noting is that so many people are easily constipated due to their only-eat-meat habits.


Eating a lot of meat causes many health problems

To study the relationship between protein diets and kidney function, a team in Singapore looked at the medical data of 64,257 Chinese adults. These people ate up to 97% of the protein from pork, and the rest come from chicken, fish, beans, etc.

The process was carried out for 15 years. Finally, researchers found a strong relationship between eating red meat and the danger of end-stage renal disease.

They also found that people who ate much red meat had a risk of kidney disease by 45% compared to those who ate the least.

Replacing red meat diets with other protein sources may help reduce the risk of end-stage kidney disease by 62%.
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that 70% of food poisoning was the result of contaminated animal meat.

In addition to bacteria, meat products can also be contaminated by fecal, especially in chickens. One study found that 97% of live chickens in the US experienced this situation.

The Superior Benefits Of Being Vegan Compared To Eating Meat

Great scientists like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Newton, etc are vegetarians. Proper vegetarianism has become a healthy and happy lifestyle and is strongly encouraged throughout the world.

Take a look at the following amazing benefits when you become a vegan.

Vegetarianism is suitable for the structure of the human body

First of all, human teeth are specially constructed like the teeth of herbivores, making them ideal for crushing and chewing food.

In contrast, carnivores have very sharp fangs and no molars and jaw bone. So when they eat meat, they tear and swallow, not chewing.

Thus, the digestive system of herbivores and predators is also different.

The gastrointestinal tract of predators is only about three times as long as the body length. Meanwhile, the digestive tract of humans and animals that eat vegetables is about ten times longer to absorb plant nutrients.

When we eat meat, we will feel heavy, uncomfortable and sleepy.

The reason is the digestive system, urinary system, especially the kidneys have to work hard to purify the toxins of meat. They must remove these toxins from the blood using the excretory system.


Having a vegan diet makes us happy

Vegetarians have good health and long life

Recent research shows that vegetarians tend to be healthier and even live longer than meat eaters. Vegetarians also have a habit of eating less salty than ordinary people.

This habit is one of the reasons why vegetarians have lower blood pressure levels than meat eaters. It helps them avoid blood pressure-related diseases.

A study conducted in 2013 over 70,000 people showed that vegetarians had a 12% lower risk of death than non-vegetarians.

That’s because their arteries are not blocked by saturated fat and cholesterol. So, vegetarians suffer less from chronic diseases.

Veganism also helps us reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%. Moreover, apart from heart disease, veganism enables us to avoid dangerous diseases like diabetes, obesity or even cancer.

Another noteworthy point is that vegetarianism helps you get fit. This advantage is the key that many celebrities are supporting.

Veganism supports you in controlling emotions

Meat can lead to symptoms of mental fatigue and depression because of arachidonic acid in it. This acid is found in industrially raised animal meat rather than in grassland.

Also, modern meat-rich diets today contain many bad fats that adversely affect mental health.

According to a previous study, fish is less likely to cause adverse mood effects than terrestrial animal meat. It contains substances that resist the effects of arachidonic acid.

But, recent scientific studies have proven the truth about this. Unfortunately, even people who eat fish instead of meat still cope with mental problems and bad moods than vegetarians.

Reducing meat consumption helps you reduce some of the excess fat associated with mood changes. These dangerous fatty acids are omega-6 and arachidonic acid.

Furthermore, a vegetarian diet is rich in antioxidants which can protect the mood of vegetarians.

not-difficult-to-have-a-proper-vegetarian-dietIt is not difficult to have a proper vegetarian diet

How To Replace Meat On A Vegan Diet Menu

Are you eager to improve your health by being a vegetarian?

Don’t worry about some nutrients that are in danger of deficiency. You can use nuts such as almonds, cashew, pecans, chestnuts, etc. to replace them. They are not only a rich source of protein but also easy to eat.

I can eat them every day or even throughout my whole life.

If you’re tired of chewing those nuts. You can use almond butter or peanut butter to eat with bread. Make use of them for a rich diet to ensure nutrition.

For a healthy vegetarian diet, don’t forget to include foods such as dark green vegetables, soy milk, walnuts and peas, and juices. They, in turn, are rich in substances like vitamin C, vitamin B12, Omega-3, protein, and enzymes.

It’s High Time To…

Taking everything into consideration, we come up with a conclusion – vegans are healthier than meat eaters. The fact is that vegetarian food is diverse. You can completely replace the meat and fish in your daily life without any difficulty. Living to eat or eating for life is your choice.

Thank you for reading this article, and if possible, let me know your points of view on this.


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