About Me

We eat every day. We eat when we are hungry. We eat when we celebrate. We eat when we are upset. Eating is an important activity and food is what makes our life better. Perhaps that’s why there is a quote saying that your life changes a lot when you change what you eat.

Welcome to my blog, Carolyn’s raw foods!

My name is Carolyn Williams and I am the founder of this blog!

How I started,

Many people asked me how I became a foodie who is so interested in food in general and in raw food in particular. Well, it was kind of destiny. One member of my family suffered from obesity. Not surprising to all of us, obesity made him so susceptible to other conditions such as heart attack and diabetes.

I knew from my heart that obesity is not a genetic problem. Rather, it is the result of your lifestyle. Since then, I started to pay attention to what I took in every day and tried to lead a healthy life through a healthy diet.

It was not until my last health checkup was I so surprised about the result. All the indicators are in a perfect state. My cholesterol level is in a good state and I did not suffer from any weight fluctuation. That is when I truly believe in the power of a healthy diet.

This is where Carolyn’s raw foods kick in!

I started this blog a few years ago to share everything I know about healthy diet. At first, I only focused on sharing recipes that I have been using during that period. The basic principle is to cut down the amount of artificial sugar as much as possible and replace it with a healthy source of natural sugar.

Later on, I also developed some official training and classes for beginners to take up this new habit. I am still working on this every day.

By changing what we eat, we can have a better life with a healthy mind in a healthy body. I am here to help you do that. It is my passion to share with you everything I know about the benefits of raw food, how to lose weight by healthy eating and how to remain that lifestyle for the rest of your life.

A healthy mind in a healthy body!