Dear sweet, sweet Carolyn,

Yasmin Thank you so very much for making this dream come true for me.
I am a mom of seven. I have always wanted to become a raw food chef, and now I am with the help of Carolyn. I absolutely enjoyed my training and have learned so many techniques like how to set up beautiful raw foods. My family came with me to GA, as a family trip and Carolyn made it so easy each and every day that I was there for my training. She gave us so much organic raw foods from what we made during the day. My family loved the food and it sure did make it easier for us to travel and save money at the same time.

Carolyn, my whole family is still talking about you and your yummy food. I can’t wait to come back and become a raw pastry chef with you. Thank you so very much for your kindness and opening your school for me and making the time one-on-one training for me, that helped me a lot.

Loads of Love,
Yasmin Mohamud and Family, Janesville, WI

moniqueI have to share this!! Being with Carolyn at her RAW Foods Institute was a great experience because she taught me the best raw pastry recipes and it was a ONE to ONE certification. I think in these days it is rare to find someone that wants to dedicate with patience and love to teach this way!! I really love doing this certification and learning so much. Thanks Carolyn hope to learn more with you!

Monique Vinay, Cancun, Mexico

Roxanne_f-18It is with heart felt gratitude and the day before Thanksgiving that I write this review. It is also four days since my return from the Raw Pastry Chef training and the day I sold my first Chocolate Cheeze cake, having learned from The Carolyn Akens’ Raw Foods Institute. Need I write more? No? Well I will anyway.

Leave your ego at the door and you will be guided through a training as though (which I was) you are the only person in the world, by receiving Ms. C’s undivided attention. Hands on yet, allowing me to do and use my common sense and imagination, my confidence increased and my tongue lightened enough to be vocal in what I wanted by asking the questions that gained me the learning I needed. In addition to everything else, I learned communication. Regardless of how much one knows if you are unable to communicate nothing is gained or taught. It’s the dance of life, sometimes you give and sometimes you get or, sometimes you teach and sometimes you learn. I learned and was presented with a Certified Raw Pastry Chef Certification.

If learning to create raw desserts is your dream, I promise you, this training will teach you and most importantly this Teacher will truly teach you. I do not write this statement lightly. I believe in speaking my truth. So, take the training and see for yourself. You will agree with me.

See you again Ms. C.
Roxanne Gamory, Yorktown Heights, NY

CarolynJamesThis has been a life changing class. I’ve tried a long time to learn this, but have found other teacher’s recipes difficult to duplicate. Not this time! I am confident that I can get healthy and stay on this path. Fellowship was awesome! It was a serious detailed, hands on class, but at the same time fun and full of laughter. I can’t wait to spread the word to others, come back for more, and see my transformation. Blessings to you for changing lives for the better.
Carolyn V. James, Byron, GA


I absolutely loved the Raw Chef Certification course! I gained valuable information on how to brand my business and incorporate all of my other certifications/licenses into the “Food Legacy” Empire. Not only did I learn what was in the scheduled lectures, but Chef Carolyn performed her “laser coaching skills” to pinpoint my target market, dig out my true desires for my business, and create & coin my unique niche!

If you are looking for a program that doesn’t have a “cookie cutter” approach (no pun intended) when it comes to recipes, branding, marketing, class work, etc. then this is the place to go! For the detailed information, open Q&A throughout the intensive, delicious yet simple to create recipes, business building, tailored one-on-one training to meet “ALL” of your specific needs (in & out of class), having an instructor who encourages you to make mistakes and think through it, all while boosting & helping you maintaining confidence without beating yourself up (which was paramount for me), so you can perform under any circumstances that may arise in the kitchen as a chef, (i.e. recovering from having missing ingredients and how to create the same dish with equal or better taste, texture, and consistency.), I definitely feel I got my time and money’s worth and then some!

Chef Carolyn over delivers and I’m glad she did because I’m now creating the path for an untapped market! I can go on continuously why Chef Carolyns’ Raw Food Institute is worth the investment! I definitely recommend that you experience it for yourself. It doesn’t matter what level you’re on when you enter her doors because when you leave, I’m positive that you’ll have more confidence and understanding about what it truly means to be a Raw Chef. My confidence is through the roof and I’m definitely ready to begin this journey! Thanks again for everything Chef Carolyn!!!
Stephen J. Jamison Jr., Forest Park, IL
Holistic BarberTM, Food Healing Inst., Certified Raw Chef, HHC
Owner of Food Legacy, LLC

AishahChef Carolyn’s Forget Cooking Class was paramount for my healthy lifestyle. The class was foundational, fun and informative. Chef Carolyn makes the class a safe place to ask questions and her teaching style is easy and inviting. You get one-on-one attention and learn so much. It’s life changing!

Aishah Tatum, Lithonia, GA

Carolyn’s Forget Cooking class has inspired me to add more raw meals into my weekly meal plan that are super easy and delicious. Small class size, good instructor and student interaction.
Loren Moore, Snellville, GA

Betsy_aboutHello Carolyn!
I so enjoyed your Raw Food Educator class! I not only learned some new Raw Food techniques that I didn’t know, I learned how to build my business.  Your knowledge and mentorship has made it easy for me to really find my focus in helping others change their lifestyle.  I would recommend any of your classes to those interested in Raw Foods and would definitely recommend the Raw Food Educator Class to those who would like to learn what it takes to start their own business in Raw Foods. You are a blessing to those who have the privilege to learn from you.Thank you for everything!
Betsy LeGallais, Pensacola, FL

It was great to have met you and finished your raw chef training class.  It was truly eye-opening and I’m still amazed at how good you can make raw food taste and look good!  I appreciate your guidance and knowledge in helping me achieve success in my raw food endeavors.  I will recommend your class and your business to my friends and family.
Aileen Manzo, Smyrna, GA

mmI took the online raw food chef and instructor course from Carolyn’s Raw Food Institute and was amazed at what I learned. I learned every aspect of the raw food lifestyle and so many techniques that I didn’t know. The Raw Food Chef Certification was wonderful and I found out that I can get so much raw food prepared in a few hours even. It taught me that raw food isn’t hard and time consuming if you know what your doing and plan thing out. The instructor course was totally amazing and I really feel I progressed and I’m more confident in teaching people raw foods. I learned about creating my own recipes, special garnishes, pricing menus and making a class and so many more too list. So many things I never even thought about. My daily contact with Carolyn was wonderful. Carolyn is a very caring, helpful, and even being an online class it felt like she was here with me. I talked to Carolyn via Skype every morning and each day after our class time I was ready to tackle my class time work. Did I mention the food I prepared at home was delicious and gourmet. I am so thankful I was able to take these classes and get my certifications. I hope to take a class with her in person in the future. Thank you, Carolyn!
Margaret Meyer, Kalispell, MT

Carolyn is phenomenal and very hands on. For an inexperienced person in the kitchen, Carolyn is very patient and makes you feel at ease as well as making you feel you are the best! I look forward to taking additional chef classes.
LaTonya Byrd, Augusta, GA

The Ole! Mexico class was wonderful and very informative. I enjoyed everything about the class and the food was very good. Thank you so much, Carolyn.
– Kim McCafferty, Jonesboro, GA

I took the Ole! Mexico class. I liked Carolyn’s friendliness and willingness to share her knowledge and skills. I will definitely take more classes in the future.
Jannette Price, Atlanta, GA

malachi“I experienced a complete metamorphosis in my ability as a raw food chef after going on Master Chef Carolyn’s raw chef training program. I went from talented to skillful, average to excellent, and from caterpillar to butterfly in my culinary skills! The training provided at Carolyn Akens Raw Food Institute is second to none – Carolyn not only teaches you, she develops you, encouraging and supporting you to be the best you can be along the way. Being trained virtually was very convenient because it meant that I could fit the training around my lifestyle, whilst still receiving the same support I would if it was face-to-face. I totally appreciate the wisdom, mentorship, motivation, care and inspiration received from Carolyn during this time and I fully recommend the programme to every aspiring raw chef.”
Malachi Talabi, UK

I completed Chef Carolyn Akens Raw Chef Training program. I was not sure how it would all work out considering I was taking it via the internet. I was pleasantly surprised that I learned so much more than I ever imagined. Chef Carolyn challenged me to develop my own beliefs regarding the raw food diet. She didn’t just hand me a book and require that I read it cover to cover before taking a final test. She asked me questions that I had to research to find the answers for. Many things I knew already but didn’t know how to put it into words. I learned a lot about creating my own recipes. I walked away from the whole experience feeling more like a chef and ready to go out and teach others. Which I did. Within a few days of finishing the program I headed out to a vegan conference. I did a raw food demo before almost 400 people. My crew was the same crew that was with me last year- at the same conference. Several of them commented that they could see a difference in my skills this year. A lot of what they saw was the confidence I had gained training under Chef Carolyn. I recommended this program to many people through out the weekend. I had taken another raw chef training course- one that required me to be there in person. I learned more from Chef Carolyn’s course via the internet than I did from the other program in person. You will not be disappointed! Thank you so much Carolyn!
Debra Garner, Pioneer, CA

AltheahughesCarolyn, I learned so much in this class, and I liked the hands-on approach. I now know the difference between dry measure and liquid measure. I learned about depth of flavor in raw food. Raw vegan food should be as tasty and flavorful as cooked food. I enjoyed the recipes and will definitely recommend this class to my friends. Carolyn is a knowledgeable, loving, friendly teacher. I cannot say enough good things about my experience and I drove from MD to GA for this wonderful experience. I will be back for the chef training.
Althea Hughes Wills, Baltimore, MD

Carolyn’s teaching style is very personable and allows for the student to be creative while learning techniques. Carolyn’s knowledge base of the raw food lifestyle is extensive. I would definitely recommend her classes for anyone who is a raw food enthusiast or just looking to live and eat healthier.
Toye Hart, Marietta, GA

demeka.jpgI thank God for you, I was truly blessed yesterday, not only did I enjoy your great company but I learned a lot from the raw food prep class and I will pass on my knowledge to my family. It’s one thing to read recipes and watch how-to-videos online but being in the presence of a chef and using my five senses was the greatest!
Demeka Scott, Powder Springs, GA

The raw foods prep class was hands on. Making the foods myself with the help of Carolyn gave me the confidence I was missing. She also taught techniques and explained the use of equipment.
Tracey Dixon, Lithonia, GA

Carolyn, I am in awe about what I learned about raw foods. I thought I would eat salads only. Your food is delicious! I had no idea the things you can do with raw food. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This will be a wonderful journey and I have already signed up for another class.
Ruby Woods, Atlanta, GA

Chef Carolyn, Great class! I love your style of teaching and I learned a lot. Raw food rocks!
James Ellison, Suwanee, GA

I enjoyed the class. I am still amazed by the key ingredient in the chocolate mousse. I plan to make every recipe we made today and I will take more classes. Thanks for a great learning experience.
Elizabeth McGrady, Decatur, GA

Chef Carolyn, Today’s class, Forget Cooking, was phenomenal! I learned much more than I anticipated and I especially enjoyed the hands-on. Thank you so much because now I feel I’m on the right track to begin my raw food journey.
Ann Simms, Atlanta, GA

The modules that I have taken were well planned and taught thoroughly. These sessions have equipped me with knowledge to improve and maintain my own health, family and to teach others to do the same. I highly recommend these classes to anyone interested in adapting a raw food lifestyle. You will be glad you did, even if you are not 100% raw. You will always keep this knowledge and use it to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Priscilla L. Wilson, RD/LD, Augusta, GA

I researched schools all over the country. Carolyn’s Raw Food Institute was the only one that offered everything I wanted. And after taking modules (I, II, III) I can honestly say they offered more than I was expecting. I loved everything and I feel ready to go out and use what I learned. Chef Carolyn is an excellent instructor as well as a wonderful person.
Kathleen Kirchinger, Wyoming, MI

nanettekingChef Carolyn, I enjoyed the professionalism you showed in your classes and you provided life long learning. I also enjoyed the challenges and progression of each class. Module I – excellent, everything is from scratch; Module II – a lot of homework which you go over and is based on day’s activities; Module III – teaches you how to be a professional, and the homework taught you how to build your business. All of my expectations were met, thank you.
Chef Nannette King, Lithonia, GA

The class has given me a better understanding and knowledge of how easy it is to incorporate raw food into my busy lifestyle. Carolyn is very knowledgeable, friendly, and giving instructor who has helped me to see that raw does not have to be hard or time consuming. It can be quick, easy and tasteful.
Ameda Henderson, Lawrenceville, GA

I really enjoyed the class conducted by Chef Carolyn. She took the time to explain everything and gave everyone an opportunity for hands on. The best part was that we got to sample everything. I never knew an avocado had so many uses and the green smoothie was really good. I highly recommend her class.
Yvonne Greene, Stone Mountain, GA

Anyone who loves Italian food should take this class! It is well worth it. Carolyn is very attentive and knowledgeable n this field! I am new to RAW and have not really ventured into making meals. When Carolyn was demonstrating how to cut or place the items together, I would question why that way. She was very patient and if it did not matter, or, if a personal preference she would say it. She encouraged experiencing with the spices you liked, more or less to your taste. Carolyn encouraged class participation; so, when the class was done you would be confident on how to make the item(s) yourself. I cannot stress enough to take this class. It was AWESOME!
Karen Hodge, Sugar Hill, GA


Carolyn, Thank you for such a great class! For quite sometime now I have wanted to learn about eating raw but I did not want to learn from a book. Your class has helped me to understand that it is easier than I thought to incorporate these healthier foods into my family’s diet.
Gina Schreter, Alpharetta, GA

Dear Carolyn, I want to thank you for introducing me to Raw Foods. I have been searching for a healthy way to eat so that I could repair the damage done to my body through years of neglect. You have showed me a new way to eat, cook and be healthy at the same time. I’m happy to say that I have begun to shed a few pounds all while eating. I can’t wait to take your next class. You have a wealth of information to share and you are not at all selfish with your knowledge. You are the BEST CHEF I know. I talk about you and your food all the time. I WISH YOU THE BEST and continue to reshape the world one raw foodie at a time. A BELIEVER!
Michele Wilson, Duluth, GA

phyllisscottThis class was great! It was one of the best ways to be introduced to Raw Foods. The small classes enabled us to ask questions as we observed the preparation. Not only that, but we had hands on preparation of one of the dishes and was able to sample everything as it was prepared. It was fresh, tasty, and healthy! I would like to learn more. Thanks for a wonderful class, Carolyn!
Phyllis Scott, Decatur, GA

The class was very informative, relaxing and enjoyable. I LOVED IT!
Chris Sparks, Suwanee, GA

Chef Carolyn, Thank you for the one-on-one class. I had no idea that raw food would taste so incredibly delicious! I’m ready for the second class.

Angela Loring, Cumming, GA

Chef Carolyn, The class was amazing, and the food was so delicious!!

Victoria Greenspan, Atlanta, GA